Find Tru Love with the Newest Dating App for 2017: Spritzr

The smartphone app, which launched nationwide Thursday for Apple iOS devices, is targeted at both singles and couples alike, but it relies on the latter bunch to play matchmaker. During the sign up process, users indicate whether they are would-be “daters” or “matchmakers,” connect their accounts to Facebook and create profiles with a few basic details. Then, they can begin suggesting potential partners for their Facebook friends — or even complete strangers who are also on Spritzr. Spritzr , however, said Agarwal, 41, is the digital equivalent of going to a friend’s party or wedding, where the atmosphere is more conducive to making romantic connections with friends of friends. Spritzr also hopes to facilitate more friend-made matches with mobile tools that eradicate the sometimes-uncomfortable steps that people usually have to take when hooking up two friends — think: forced double dates or clumsy introductory emails and text messages. With Spritzr, users merely suggest romantic pairings. It’s then left to the singles themselves to like each other — via a swipe to the right on a person’s profile, just like on popular dating app Tinder. If both parties swipe right, indicating mutual interest, they can begin conversing through the app.

Facebook friends play matchmaker on new dating app

Matchmaking is the process of matching 2 people together with the purpose of helping them build a relationship that might evolve into a marriage. That Latin flying-baby-arrow-shooter was the offspring of Venus love-goddess and Mars war God and its symbol is frequently used in matchmaking scenarios. In the end, no matter the symbol, matchmaking is all about finding the perfect or close to that match. Nowadays, in hyper-socialization times, there are numerous ways to try and find that ONE.

Think about that for a minute, an algorithm decided that you can be a match based on what you wrote on your Tinder profile, and you decide just by looking at the photo if you should go further or not. Which divorce rate do you think is the one for United States and which one for India?

Spritzr dating app is quite possibly one of the best new dating apps around for a number of reasons. Instead of only singles being able to sign.

Technology has made it easier to connect with people superficially, but it’s made it difficult to connect on deeper levels of intimacy. It expands your dating pool exponentially! We all want to find that special person. We are wired for this connection. Friends used to set friends up with their single friends, but not anymore. Have they been reluctant to play matchmaker due to all these dating apps? It’s tough, and friends would rather not even try. Helping a friend find love through an app is a great technique to have another set of eyes to critique a potential mate.

Plus, it’s your friends helping with this and they usually want the best for you. A new dating app, Spritzr , allows your friends to play matchmaker for you via Facebook. No more swiping needed. The new app hopes to help singles find Mr. Less than one in four online daters find a relationship, and seven times more time was spent online than actually going on dates. As such, he thought how he could make matchmaking easy and low pressure so more singles would find quality dates.

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So, how did you two meet? It used to be that couples would grudgingly confess this. Nearly a third of recent married couples, though, is good company.

“We realized friends were the missing element of dating apps” said Spritzr CEO and Founder Manshu Agarwal. “Dating apps all focused on.

The dating apps, we mean. The good news is that so many guys out there are doing the absolute least — baring their chests for bathroom selfies, posting photos in Crocs and crew socks, forming entire personalities around their man buns — that an iota of extra effort will go a long way in attracting dates who match the best version of you and the aspirational life you lead in the physical realm.

Your dating profile, after all, is an exercise in getting people to like you, so we suggest taking a cue from a different breed of barely tolerable online dude: the influencer. Think about an everyday go-to — maybe a denim jacket , or a business guy fleece — and hew to that theme, but mix it up with a bright top in a flattering color , or a high contrast print. Save the full-body pic for number two cuffed chinos , maybe, a tailored blazer , and sneakers. The goal is to draw people in, so be stylish, but not intimidatingly so.

Next, present the side of you that pivots his Saturday evening to accommodate a last-minute rooftop soiree.

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Do you hate seeing your friends missing all of the fun that comes from being in a serious relationship? That is why so many single people have at least one dating app hidden away on their phone. What if we told you there was a matchmaker app, that let you put your single friends in contact with each other?

But if you want better odds than that, it might be time to try Spritzr. While the majority of dating apps on the market are geared toward matching.

The free app, currently available for iOS devices, combines the benefit of personalized introductions with the convenience of online dating, thus widening the pool of quality prospects and making it easier to meet someone you really connect with. With Spritzr, singles have the chance to meet worthwhile prospects referred by their friends, while couples help their single friends meet that special someone, ensuring no one gets left in the third wheel zone.

I thought, is there a way to make introductions simpler and easier, so that I could meet the widest possible pool of friends of friends? They can then download the app and see the match waiting for them. Spritzr has another feature where singles can receive match suggestions from the wider Spritzr community. When using the app this way, three people must suggest the same person to a user before the match is sent; that way, Spritzr ensures only the best matches are put forward. Spritzr takes the pressure out of the equation, making it simple and enjoyable.

Spritzr Is The Matchmaking Dating App You Need

Stories is equal here. No online time confusion. I day this to glance at men without having to worry about rude messages. I don’t have to ‘block’ anyone and day don’t get uptight because there’s spritzer last online. Women are more likely to respond to me because they are equals here, and don’t dating to spritzer with a deluge of messages stories other men.

A private gallery is top notch.

Spritzr is a mobile dating app with acquaintance curation of profiles. Lets the friends of users and others curate and match the profiles. The app.

Have you heard about the new Spritzr dating app yet? It lets you tap into your expansive network of friends to help them find happiness, love, and new friends. Download the best matchmaker app today and see just how successful you can be. That is why you separate them into specific circles. Sometimes, however, no matter how great of a guy or girl your friend is, they just have rotten luck with love.

You wish you could do something to help them but every time you try, they are either on the rebound or too busy to take what you have to say seriously. With your new matchmaking app, you can send them suggestions on compatible friends and they can strike up conversations on their own time and on their own terms. A lot of people get bored when they do the same thing over and over again. So, dating someone who has different interests can create a renewed interest in relationships.

Just make sure you take the time to consider their personalities. This way you can prevent any type of outbursts or incidents that might spark fighting or unwanted drama. Nexus 4 Android 4.

Spritzr lets you be the matchmaker

Noses are red, windows are frosty: It’s the so-called cuffing season, a term for searching for a significant other to cuddle by the fire through the holiday season. Even if you’re tied down, you may still have a single friend in need a date for a New Year’s bash. Enter Spritzr: A matchmaking mobile app that allows you to suggest acquaintances — or even random profiles — to your friends as a potential match. Then it’s up to them to make the next move if they are interested, by swiping left or right.

Matchmaking is an art as old as time — but few things are more awkward that a blind date, even if arranged by well-meaning friends.

Spritzr SAN DIEGO – Launched earlier last month and providing more than the standard dating app, Spritzr is a new way for friends to play.

Emerging Category Oct 3, Music festivals, endurance sports and other properties are increasingly finding a match with online dating sites and mobile dating apps. Spritzr this year has partnered with three properties in California: the Zappos. With the category becoming increasingly saturated, dating apps are using sponsorship to engage singles with common interests. Fifteen percent of American adults have used online dating sites or mobile dating apps, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.

The share of toyear-olds who report having used online dating has nearly tripled over the last two years from 10 percent in to 27 percent in , while the share of toyear-olds who have used online dating has doubled over the same time period from 6 percent in to 12 percent in The popularity of online dating has resulted in a growing number of niche mobile dating apps, some of which are joining their more traditional counterparts in using sponsorship.

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She never seems to be able to find a worthwhile person to date and her relationships inevitably crash in flames. What if there was a matchmaking app that allowed you to have your two-cents, but without seeming so overbearing? Enter Spritzr. This is a new matchmaking app that allows you to sign up and make suggestions to friends on who they might be compatible with.

The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Well, not quite a robot, but the machine intelligence resident on sites like eHarmony Agarwal is the CEO of dating start-up Spritzr and, more important, a true.

It seems like everyone always either coming or going these days. Even college students are constantly on the move. No matter how hard we try, there never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything we need to do. This makes dating extremely more difficult now, than it used to be. That is why so many people are starting to use one dating app or another to try and find love.

It takes weeks if not months to feel comfortable enough with someone to actually setup that all important first date. That is an awful lot of wasted time when we live in such a fast-paced world, not to mention leaving the door open for someone else to contact the potential love of your life. That is why most people prefer to have friends introduce them to potential dates. The best part is, in as fast as 20 minutes, your friend can fill you in on all the information you need to determine whether or not you would even be interested.

The comfort and familiarity that comes from being setup by a friend is exactly what Spritzr , the hottest match making iTuns app in your app store, gives you. By signing up with your friends, you can refer potential matches to each other based on your own thoughts about the would-be couple. Even if you are in a committed relationship you can still use the match maker app to help your friends find the love of their lives. As you create successful matches using this match making app , you will be awarded karma points and will gain bragging rights about your match making prowess.

Shy About Dating Apps? This One Lets Members Set Up One Another

Spritzr is an app for friends to play matchmaker. As a single guy, I found online dating to be exhausting. I had this one friend, Caroline, who was married and tried to set me up on numerous occasions with other single friends of hers. She wanted to see me in a relationship — partly because it would help fill that empty seat around the dinner table. But making intros is so awkward and rife with pitfalls.

Millions of people are ditching this type of worthless dating app in favor of a new matchmaking app that taps into your own social network to find.

If you fancy yourself a matchmaker, the new dating app Spritzr, by the Banaia Inc, allows you to refer potential love interests to your single friends via Facebook. Spritzr helps you find the perfect relationship without going through the hassles and awkwardness associated with other dating apps. Spritzr is a free matchmaking app for the iPhone that puts your friends and family, and other trusted people, in charge of setting you up with dates they think you might be interested in.

Then, you can begin suggesting potential partners for your Facebook friends, or even complete strangers who are also on Spritzr. Gold status holders get something of a VIP treatment, receiving virtual and real rewards, as well as access to exclusive Spritzr events. Overall appearance of the application is quite decent, light and minimal. The application has a high quality display with interactive texts guiding you throughout the process of the matchmaking.

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