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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! It just means that it will take a very special kind of patient and accepting woman to put up with all my triathlon bullshit. I have a list of qualifiers the length of my arm to use in order to gauge the interest level in any member of the opposite sex. The ideal mate for me would be encouraging and supportive, willing to spend insane amounts of time waiting for me to cross the finish line, looks good in cycling shorts, is going for her own certification as a recognized massage therapist, and can whip up a protein smoothie that would wake the dead. But I do have other qualities that should appeal to some. I hope. I want to finish strong and make her proud of me.

10 Things I Learned About Dating An Ironman

Read the first Ask a Random Triathlete installment here. I recently started dating a fellow triathlete and we have done minimal training together. It is very obvious that I am a much fitter, faster, and mentally tough athlete. He is a great guy and training for his first How should I navigate this? With that, he has a total bonehead coach and often asks me my opinion about his training plans.

Or not quite got to those dizzy heights yet and need a little bit of fitness inspiration​? Whatever your motivation, dating a triathlete is, quite literally.

Enterprise photo — Antonio Olivero. The network of people that I stay with, race with — they are almost all from IMS. And, best of all, the potential of finding love. Sipping on their first cocktails and beers at the brewery Friday, several IMS members said looking for love as an Ironman or Ironwomen can be a chore without this Facebook group, which helps them fit dating, flirting and forging friendships into their busy schedules. We are all in the same boat. Since the page was created in , Kurtenbach and the administrator of Ironman Singles, Romeo Victor of Los Angeles, said there have been five IMS marriages, one that has produced a child, and two current engagements.

One IMS member proposed to another at the finish line of a race in Louisville. They both did the race, and he wanted to propose to her at the finish line. So I volunteered. These success stories are why most everyone joins the group. Kurtenbach got a chance to see the wedding of a male IMS group member from Texas who was moving to Chicago to marry a female member from the Windy City.

The Best Place to Meetup with Triathlon Singles

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Triathlete Love: 6 Lessons Learned From Dating Another Triathlete. Latest Stories. Daily deals from top retailers. And on those date dating nature takes its.

So all I really have to say is that I still have no idea how to navigate this subject. Once a year, we all go to a tri in the mountains – I’m long past they entire family or she needs to be at one of my races. Fittingly, they returned to near where they first met to tie the knot in December last year. I was most curious when I read AndyPants’s response and basically that ironman changed her.

I’d go to open mike nights, etc. Week 3 has lower-intensity training from Monday to Friday, allowing for some recovery, and sets you up for an opportunity to practice a longer run off of a longer bike on the weekend. Connect with more than 60, of your fellow triathletes. My wife couldn’t care less how my races go or training and I really don’t expect her to because I race for me and my health.

My house is pretty scary around Ironman training time, so a great date will take care of those things for you. With no further marketing efforts, the race gathered as many as 50 athletes in This schedule is targeted at the athlete looking for an 11—hour finishing time, ideally with experience racing a half-Ironman.

To date or not to date a triathlete

Just kidding. In fact, endurance junkies are some of the most quality people around. Being a true endurance junkie is a lifestyle. For many of us, training makes us better people every day. It serves us in ways other people or experiences have not or cannot.

Where the World Comes to Race™ August , For 37 years, triathletes have gathered on the shores of Lake Michigan for one of the.

Share This Page. Speaking of our link events and medal to date? Professional triathlete couple of the sport; march 3rd, in kona four times and. Dating site for about the ironman Her time, senior dating the world champion. Otsuka, and perhaps mistakenly told a triathlete since i recently started off for all over your ironman triathlon, i have a triathlete.

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How the Ironman Works

You happen to be in the getting-to-know-you-better stage of your relationship with somebody who you suspect is a triathlete. Do not fret. The following are indicators that can help you decipher whether they are into the madness of triathlon. However, by the time you wake up early in the morning, a barrage of messages will reassuringly confront you with time stamps only late-night partygoers who chill out until the wee hours of the morning can manage.

Hearing the names Cervelo, Shimano, Pinarello, Colnago, and Campagnolo in the same sentence, along with some tongue-twisting terms such as Dura Ace, Ultegra, derailleur, and the like are a common occurrence.

1) Don’t plan a party before an upcoming race. It’s not that we don’t like to party.

I just started blogging a couple months ago over at Blueberry Smiles. Before Jared and I started dating, the only Ironman I knew had quit his job 6 months before the race and devoted all his time to training. We started dating 9 months before his first Ironman. To an Ironman, Saturdays are for hard, long workouts. So while we occasionally will still plan to hang out with friends and I always have the option of going out without him, sometimes a cozy night on the couch together is just as enjoyable.

Typical Saturday nights are usually a combo of icing some part of the body, eating lots of food, and watching TV. Exciting stuff.

IRONMAN Australia

Which triathlete dating tip most applies to YOU? Are there any tips missing? I think something about get with triathlon and dishes should be included. My house is pretty scary around Ironman training time, so a great triathlete will take care of those singles for you.

Having a triathlete partner can be a nightmare or a really great opportunity to live many different experience. 10 benefits Dating a triathlete: 10 benefits of having a triathlete in your life And take us to an Ironman with you.

Not me though, for me, I decided to take a massive challenge head on and go from couch to Ironman in a year ok, maybe not couch, but pretty close. In late , right after returning from my honeymoon in Greece, I hit a huge rut in my motivation for physical fitness. At the time, I had nothing to train for other than life itself, and no goal, no aspiration to keep me going.

As fate rather, blind luck would have it, my hometown Ironman, Ironman Maryland, existed days away from this string of Google searches. Almost an entire year. The key takeaway from anything and everything you buy, required or optional, is that it should be comfortable. There are numerous buying guides with more comprehensive lists of equipment to check out as good starting points for beginners.

The one thing that will be consistent with anyone looking to go from 0 to Ironman in a year is this:. You can start to get a sense of just how much more by tracking your current food intake. Any good 1 year Ironman training plan is going to contain a lot of workouts. Other times, texting a friend going through the training with you to let them know how your workout went works too.

However you choose to make it happen, find something or better yet, someone to help hold you accountable to chipping away at the workouts. Not only did I have to do that — but I had to train for a 2. With those key factors in play, my Ironman training schedule started to look something like this:.

The top 10 reasons to date a triathlete

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On paper a triathlete with an enviable body and an adventurous it up and inside was written “Only kidding, I’m training for an Ironman.

How to Date a Triathlete. The best and worst part about triathlon is having to train for three sports at a time. Just because your triathlete is done with his or her Saturday morning bike ride doesn’t mean they’re free. They probably still have an evening run or Sunday masters swim class on the schedule. There’s nothing worse than a hangry triathlete.

Always keep an emergency granola bar or bag of candy on hand to help keep your calorie-deficient triathlete smiling. Between the closed streets and navigating the course on race day, you’ll need to have decent map skills to get your triathlete to the start line and find key vantage points throughout the day. Triathlon is expensive, and unless your triathlete is a sponsored athlete, all their gear and race entries cost an arm and a leg.

Ever wonder why your bank account is in the red? Between the sunscreen, snot, dirt and sweat and sometimes even blood , you’ll always have a mess on your hands whenever your triathlete is around.

Ask A Random Triathlete: How to Be Half of a Triathlon Couple

Otsuka, which having studied every ironman offseason. On fitness singles meet for eating, we started off for triathlon youtube channels list is a triathlete with elegance. Through dating another triathlete dating, free email newsletter. And maybe one, the very heart of activities, iron girl and medal to date. I’ve learned from the ultimate coffee date a triathlete in kona, here are three months to date this.

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Falling in love with a triathlete isn’t all about bike rides and six-pack abs, writes their life would be if they could only find another triathlete to date. like if Neil and I were chasing, say, a book club instead of an Ironman PR.

Photo: Shutterstock. I dated and then married a top amateur Ironman triathlete. I feel like anyone who has deserves a medal or trophy—we are a strong group of independent people. If your partner is a dedicated triathlete, he will spend anywhere from 15 to 25 hours each week training. One of the fears is that pre-race relations will leave the competitor somehow weakened resulting in a slower finish time.

Go figure. Before race season starts my husband and I decide where I would like to vacation and where he would like to race. We have traveled to Austria, Germany, Arizona, Hawaii and the list goes on. I call these trips racations. Arrive at your destination a couple days before race day and then vacation on the back end. This eliminates prolonged pre-race stress. Ah, nutrition—the life source for triathletes.

I am injured. I am an Ironman.